Watch: People You May Know

People You May Know See this great movie next week in Madrid at the “Lesgaicinemadrid” Festival  Sala Berlanga Calle de Andrés Mellado, 53-55, 28015 Madrid -Lunes 31 Oct a las 18:00 -Miércoles 2 Nov a las 20:00. Tickets:—people-you-may-know-v.o.s.e.-peli_1_2__33293 starring:Sean Maher,Andrea Grano,Mark Cirillo,Nacho San José,Curt Hansen,Trey  Mc Curley,Jimmy Shaw,David Krohnert,   Sinopsis in spanish: Nos… Read More Watch: People You May Know

A new Sculpture for Bakunin

Sponsored by the  Cabaret Voltaire, of the DADAIST’s Movement in Zurich, , a new plate was located on the Gravestone of Mijaíl Aleksándrovich Bakunin at the Bremgarten-Graveyard in Berne, Switzerland. The bronze-plate made by Swiss artist Daniel Garbade (Zurich 1957)  shows Bakunin’s face in thin lines together with a citacion by the famous Anarchist: ” Those who don’t try… Read More A new Sculpture for Bakunin