Kleid aus Licht / dressed with light

Heinrich Heidersberger



an extrordinary Fotografer showed his work of light on human body in Germany.

The German photographer wanted to explore the emergence of patterns, shadows and line progressions under the influence of light. He Captured this art on naked bodies. The result is unintentionally erotic nude photos, which look like graphically inspired dresses.

First published in 1949 were the images in the “star”. Brisant because the nudes then created a stir, outrage and misinterpretations. The five published “star” images brought no public understanding – the responsible editor described the recordings clumsily as a kind of “the emperor’s new clothes,” as money-saving method for poor post-war women.


The photographer was attracted in his work always the experiment Heidersberger is still known for its industrial and architectural photographs. A native of Ingolstadt fell during his studies at the Académie Moderne, headed by Fernand Léger the technical possibilities of the camera, in Paris. This also happened with his nude series “dress of light.” The effect of graphic patterns on soft, feminine curves fascinated the artist Heinrich Heidersberger. The result is the aesthetic-erotic play between light and shadow.

In the period from 1928 -1931 Henry Heidersberger lived in Paris. There he attended the Académie Moderne and temporarily took lessons from Fernand Léger there. Often, however, he was sitting with his fellow artists at the Café du Dôme on the Boulevard St. Germain, where he came into contact, inter alia, with the circle of Ernest Hemingway.

Along with fellow artist Ida Kar, he decided to document his paintings and drawings photographically. At the flea market he had previously had a camera purchased. Through the adversity of a druggist, who should take over the development of the exposed material, Heidersberger were first photographic images unusable. So he decided, from now on the process from capture to final image to take into their own hands.

Until about 1935, the photograph for Heidersberger was more of a hobby than a profession committed operated. After moving to Berlin in 1936 and by the following orders for publishers and agencies has been working with the camera for him to fixed source of income. Until shortly before his death in 2006, the photograph remained his preferred artistic medium.

more at: http://www.heidersberger.de/pages/heinrich_heidersberger/index.html


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